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Are you still making marketing decisions based on gut or do you have a plan?

When I walked into my first marketing role- I knew nothing. I joke that I had to Google my job (actually, not a joke). But one thing I did know was that the advertising reps in their expensive suits and flashy watches trying to get a cut of our advertising budget- did not have our best interest at heart. It really bothered me that so much of our advertising budget was based on tradition and not hard facts. Thankfully, I embraced marketing strategies based on customer relationships and behaviors. Today, I help others create successful marketing plans that are tailored to their goals and audiences. I never want another business owner or entrepreneur to feel the way I did- overwhelmed and frustrated.
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You Need This Course If...

Marketing your small business shouldn’t require a degree or an expensive agency. You don't need overly complicated, over-priced business coaching programs to learn how to market your business.

  • You've never had a marketing plan

  • You've spend too much or not enough on marketing because you weren't sure what platforms to use

  • Your plan is reactive to the market instead of proactive

  • You are unsure of what marketing platforms you should be using

  • You have trouble nailing down your target audience

Course Overview

Building Your Marketing Plan

  • 1

    Why you Need a Plan- an Introduction to Marketing

  • 2

    Products and Services- What Do You Sell?

    • [Download] Your Products and Services

    • Defining What You Sell- Your Products and Services

  • 3

    Who Are You Marketing To?

    • Get to Know Your Target Audience

    • Who is Your Target Audience?

  • 4

    Creating Your Offer

    • [Download] Creating Offers That Convert

    • Creating Offers That Convert

  • 5

    Picking the Perfect Platform- Where is Your Target Audience?

    • [Download] Picking the Perfect Platform Notes

    • Which Marketing Platform is Best for My Business?

  • 6

    Building Your Creative Assets

    • [Download] Advertising Assets Checklist

    • Creative and Copy that Convert

  • 7

    Setting the Budget

    • [Download] Building a Better Marketing Budget

    • Building a Better Marketing Budget

  • 8

    Measuring Marketing Success

    • [Download] How will you measure your marketing success?

    • Measuring Marketing Success

  • 9

    Putting it All Together- Building Your Marketing Plan

    • [Download] Your 1-Page Marketing Plan Template

    • Putting it All Together- Building a Better Marketing Plan

  • 10

    Going Forward- Next Steps & Bonuses

    • Going forward

    • Some of my favorite Marketing Resources

    • End of Course Survey

    • Bonus: 7 Reasons Your Website Isn't Converting

    • Bonus: Brand Builder Guide

Stop Wasting Time and Money

Spending too much on ineffective marketing strategies?

Course Bonuses!

To make sure you are ready to take on the world, I've included a few treats.

  • 7 Reasons Your Website Isn't Converting

    What's the point of a website that doesn't create customers and fans? Your website could even be hurting you. These 7 reasons why website's aren't working come from my years of rehabbing client sites into conversion machines.

  • Brand Builder Introduction

    Getting your brand straightened out is a key component of marketing your business! This intro guide is a sneak peek at the Brand Builder program.

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  • How long will Easy & Effective Marketing take me?

    The recorded material is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. If you plan to complete the course in one sitting, I suggest 2.5-3 hours to complete all activities.

  • What materials do I need?

    Other than your computer and WiFi, I suggest printing the downloads to take notes.

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